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    A Rubber Monkey Flexing Its Paw, 2005

    Oil on linen, 43 x 65 inches

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  4. zonkout:

    Enzo Mari, Elementare series, 1970’s.

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  5. gasoline-station:


    by Cristina Cipriani

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    (by Steffen Walter)

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    I had a really good day today.



  9. cameraleaks:

    © Michael George

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  10. fohk:

    path of least resistance, path of most resistance, delta
    ‘path of least resistance’ presents the remains of a 50,000 volts electric discharge as it burns its way through paper. the series of delicate fractal patterns reveal an imminently natural rule as the electric current propagates through the medium unpredictably but always where it is easier for it to go. the results evokes rivers, tributaries, oxbow lakes, blood vessels, veins, capillaries, and plant roots, the patterns of which all stemming from the same genetic law.


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  12. DOWNLOAD! Download, download. Don’t assume something you love will be on the web tomorrow. Archiving is the new folk art.
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  13. sculpture-center:

    FEATURED ARTIST: Karyn Olivier

    In her work, Karyn Olivier (b. Trinidad and Tobago) shifts the viewer’s experience of the familiar through the discrete placement, rearrangement, embellishment, and replication of everyday objects in various sites. Revealing the malleable and unfixed nature of objects and spaces, this manipulation forces us to reconcile memory with the present moment, collapsing the past with the present. Olivier incorporates photographs and photo collages into her practice in order to mine the everyday, blur the line between friction and ease, dissonance and unity and mirror the complexities that define humanity. The hope is to create a sleight of eye, a slit into something else, a conflation suggesting a visual accord that’s not necessarily there.

    Olivier’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including exhibitions at the Gwangju and Busan Biennials, Korea; World Festival of Black Arts and Culture, Senegal; the Wanas Foundation, Sweden; SculptureCenter, NY; The Studio Museum in Harlem, NY; The Whitney Museum of Art, NY; MoMA P.S.1, NY; The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Texas; The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Texas; and Socrates Sculpture Park, New York. She is the recipient of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship, the Joan Mitchell Foundation Award, the New York Foundation for the Arts Award, a Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant, the William H. Johnson Prize, the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Biennial Award and a Creative Capital Foundation grant.

    Karyn Olivier, Untitled (Coffee Table), Installation view at MoMA PS1 L.I.C., NY, 2005. Coffee table, foam board and latex paint, h.13 ft. w.50 in. d.23 in. Courtesy the artist and MoMA PS1.

    Click here to see images of Karyn Olivier’s artwork at SculptureCenter as a part of In Practice, 2004.


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  14. wellplanned-architecture:

    Arboleda || Naoko Horibe. Japan, Osaka. 2012

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