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    L’ Être lacunaire 1982


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    Yasuhiro Onishi, Spirit

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    Hiroshi Yoshida - Above the Clouds

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    Myles Murphy, Figure with Yellow Foreground, 1974

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  7. Fun time


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    reversible mosaic necklace, Charlene Reano (San Felipe, Santo Domingo Pueblos)


  9. yoshing-bt:

    阿佐ヶ谷 七夕まつり
    Aug 07, 2014.

    camera : nimslo 3D

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  10. lil sis


  11. Loose Leaf - Collingwood, Victoria

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  12. vivian-fu:

    Mirror Self Portrait, Bayview, July 2014 by Vivian Fu

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  13. ghostonthenet2501:

    Tags in memorium to Chris Marker on the streets of Paris.

    In 2004, Chris Marker released The Case of the Grinning Cat documenting how the cat mascot that acted as his avatar was appearing in graffiti all over the streets of Paris, and the emerging phenomena of mass movements fueled by cyberculture exemplified by flash mobs and the enormous global protests against the start of the war in Iraq in 2003.

    Mubi: R.I.P. Chris Marker, Paris, August 2012. by Adam Cook

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    A Rubber Monkey Flexing Its Paw, 2005

    Oil on linen, 43 x 65 inches

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